Sloooowly the system is coming back to us: We now have LabView Engineering Mode control of Front shutter, Iris, Mount, Filter Wheels, and now also Focus stage.

We still need to get the SKE stages working.
We need to plug in the camera and see if it can be brought under LV control.

With these things running we are closer to getting some technical data from the system, such as bias frames, all-colour flat fields (for the first time), and we could study the shape of the PSF in different filters.

Important next steps are:

a) get the CCD working and under LV control
b) Try running simple scripts again without telescope mounted

Future, ambitious, steps are:

c) assemble the actual telescope in a testing facility and run pointing tests – perhaps test long sequences of observing scripts indoors and actually debug the system so it would work under field conditions.
d) See to the never-attempted integration with a weather station