RH 10%
T 37 F
wind ~20 mph
Moon rising in thin clouds. Later v. nice data (past 2456035.1 for example).
Azimuth near 90.0 degrees.
Dawn started at 5:10 HST.

Note 1: File with actual rising is B frame at 2456035.0738666 – could possibly show halo of BS against the mountain, as the BS rises, despite clouds on horizon – air between mountain-side and telescope probably quite clear.
Note 2: Rose only a few minutes after ephemeris time so we almost caught it rising from sea. Other nights have been 20 m delayed due to slope of Hawaii.
Note 3: started tracking at altitude -4 degrees – so the KS allows this, at that azimuth at least.

Note 4: Changed SHUTTERCLOSINGTIME in the Andor ini file from 20 ms to 100 ms to see if this helps for the ‘dragging problem’. Later changed this back to 20 ms since I got the usual amount of ‘dragged’ frames.