Following the power surge and the consequent failure of the system, I installed SOLIS in case the software and drivers had been hurt by the power surge. This was apparently not a good idea – during construction of the system it was realized that ‘drivers’ from SOLIS and ‘drivers’ from the SDK are not the same and that only drivers from the latter must be present.

I therefore today de-installed (using the Windows 7 Control Panel) the Andor SOLIS package – as well as the unwisely installed Andor SDK package (both, apparently, with their provided drivers).

I then tried to run the ‘setup.exe’ present in the Andor SDK zip file – the setup offered to install itself into

C:\Program Files\ANDOR SOLIS\Drivers

which is supposedly not right – the SDK should install into

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2009\user.lib\Andor Tools

according to Ahmad. So I rebooted the system. Actually, it seems I chose ‘shutdown’ so it is not coming back up – must ask Ben to physically reboot.