Clear, but 80% RH and T=5.6 C in dome.

Halo enormous – no sign of DS despite phase. Exposures of the BS only in the 1000’s – must update exposure time – heavy clouds??

Shutter clearly open during readout – dragging downwards.

Also sticking so that saturation in stripe downwards happens – i.e. shutter started to close, then stuck open for a long time. T now at 5.2 C.

T now at 4.9 C.

Experimenting with SETIMAGEREF and MOVEMOONTOREF because it seems the mount calibratio I did earlier tonight was not quite right. Noticing that when Moon is half out of the image frame downwards I get a reflecting coming in from the upper side of the frame – like was saw during the tau Tauri occultations in July – then it was left to right. So, something in the optical train is causing reflections onto the CCD when the source is not well centered.

More and more clouds now. T now 4.8 C.