After completing the analysis of the best focus for all filters I am completely confused. It looks like all filters have the same focus near 24000:
Of the above only VE1 is a little different. ‘double rows’ of points imply there were two sets of images exposed at different times.

Note that if the minimum radius is near the same value, and the scale factor is the same then the ‘volume’ of the star image is the same – but the exposure times were the same .. usually there is a factor of 20 less photons in the B filter compared to V … so the above test has not selected different filters. And yet the command is there in the script:


The entire script is here:

I started noticing this ‘same exposure time in all filters’ problem some weeks ago – but it was intermittent.

I am going to ignore the new settings for focus for now and see if I get reasonable exposures next time I use the moon script.

What on EARTH is going on????