Trying to observe Moon. Many thin clouds, but it may clear up later and then we will not waste time on setup. T=7.4 C. RH near 40%, varying.

Shutter works irregularly at first, then regularly – as if it has some dirt or oil in it that needs to be rubbed around until it is warm? Now and then there is ‘dragging’ but, as always, mainly in one filter – when a new filter is chosen the dragging may go away, or reappear in another filter.

Dome needed a fresh ‘find home’ – wonder why? I left it in a working condition? Dome now follows telescope.

Moon in frame but not well centred. Why? It is just a few days since I calibrated the mount on a target in the same part of the sky? ‘Slow creep’ of alignment seems to be a feature of this system.

More clouds now. Shutting down. Need a cloud sensor up and running!