Ingemar was here and looked at the LV code. We semeed to learn the following:

1) The NI Report Generation Toolkit license has run out and needs replacement.

2) The newest set of LV codes are on the NAS under ‘Earthshine Project/LabView Sou…/’

3) The Engineering mode refuses to run because of some error messages related to the AXIS – these are for the FWs, the SKE and the Dome. No matter what you want to do with the Engineering Mode it will always start by initializing all its sensors, and if one of them fails, nothing works! Since we have no dome there will indeed be a problem here!
Ingemar was able to turn off some of this (NB: set it back to as-was, later!) and indeed the code progressed to a further point (when it then ran into other problems). Front shutter was tested while the error-checking was turned off in Eng. Mod. but did not work.

Of the above 1) may not be important as long as scripts are not being read. But 3) seems pretty serious.


Are the new licenses for the MAX correctly installed?

Can the code that refers to the dome be turned off?

Will things work again once the dome is turned off and the other AXIS cables are plugged in?

Why did front shutter also not work – it has no motor?

Added later: Some of the above is now clearer. See here. A number of the errors were related to wrong LV license number, and the new IP numbers for DMI must be set insid ethe LV code. For reasons we do not understand the COM-port numbers had changed.