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A blog about a telescopic system at the Mauna Loa Observatory on Hawaii to determine terrestrial albedo by earthshine observations. Feasible thanks to sheer determination.

Is there Life?

Real World Problems Posted on Jun 12, 2013 19:30

With the whole telescope system back at DMI we are working to bring it back to life. After that we will try to fix the problems that beset us.

So far (latest activity on top) we have this:

July 8 2013: All PCs on internet reachable from outside, and so is the iboot and the NAS c an be seen from various machines.

July 4 2013: ibootbar is now reachable from woof by using, in browser on woof, ‘ibootbar’. On egregious you need ‘ibootbar.usr.local’. Eigil says woof is reachable from home using woof instead of via nordlyset in ssh menu. egregious should also be thusly reachable from ssh.

July 2 2013: Eigil Pedersen has made it possible to reach the woof linux machine by giving it an IP number. It can in turn see the iBoot viaits 192 IP number. Working on the NAS.

June 24 2013: Located the Aurora cloud sensor, and downloaded software. Will try to set up on Wine/Linux machine.

June 20 2013: Working to install static IP-numbers. Connected DEC-axis motor and its limit-switch so that we do not have to rely on dubious short. Devices still do not react when acessed from LabView.

18 June 2013: We figured out that the limit switches must be connected – then the mount comes alive. LabView still freezes when you click on whatever.

June 14 2013: Wired up part of the mount head with the Dome Breakout Box. Still need to understand why LabView is talking about “no licenses” for “Report Generation Toolkit” and the “Internet Toolkit”. Where were the licenses before?

June 12 2013: Booted up the Watchdog, woof and PXI computers. Labview looks strange – some VIs are not working and then none will run?

June 11 2013: Reset all the 115V selectors to 230 V and applied power – nothing blew up!

May/June 2013: Uncrated the control rack and the telescope tube. Inventoried the other boxes.


Showcase images and animations Posted on Jun 12, 2013 19:23

We help illustrate the theme of ‘simplicity’ for Aberdeen: