Chris thoroughly investigated the quality of all data and arrived ta a list of the 534 best images:
I have collected all those images in ‘cubes’ consisting of raw observation, EFM- and BBSO-cleaned images, images for incidence and emergence angles and the ideal synthetic image and lunar longitude and latitude images – each ‘cube’ contains centred images for a given ‘stack’ of 100 observations. We thus have 534 ‘good coadded’ images with all secondary data that belongs to that moment. Each cube is about 16 Mbyte uncompress,a nd slims down to 5-7 Mbyte upon being bzip2-ed.

I inspected the correlation of these observed stacked images with their synthetic models and found that 8 of them are poorly correlated with their synthetic models. I inspected each case and found that the problem was either focus (the observed image is blurred) or a slight alignment problem.

Omitting those images we arrive at this list of 525 best images:

These are all available as ‘cubes’, upon request.

In the future we might wish to only work with these images, since alignment and image-reversal issues have been dealt with (the observed images swap East and West upon the meridian flip).

We can set up a Mark I dataset, to be updated later as we find issues or solve the remaning (small) alignment issues.